Vogtlin Instruments Offers Bioreactor “Upgrade Kits”

End Users of Bioreactors Look to Vogtlin to Upgrade their Equipment for More Reliable, Repeatable and Flexible Gas Supply Systems

In recent years Vogtlin has seen increasing demand for reliable, repeatable and flexible gas supply systems for bioreactors. This is due to the more critical and delicate processes in the bio-industry where VA meters are no longer suitable and mass flow controllers are improving the process.

Traditionally the gas flows associated with bioprocesses were done using manual VA meters with integrated valves. But today’s users want to automate their processes, and want improved repeatability. Due to these demands Vogtlin has developed an “upgrade kit” utilizing their red-y line of mass flow controllers, making the need for greater control an easy decision. Implementation is a simple “plug-and-play” upgrade solution with the Vögtlin modular system, determined by your requirements and budget.

Why Vogtlin?

  • Great specifications: High accuracy and repeatability. High turn down, standard 100:1
  • Reliable craftsmanship: Smart and reliable, 3 year warranty
  • Low costs of ownership: Low sensitivity for pollution and long term stability.
  • Flexible: Modular, wide flow range 0-10 sccm up to 0-480 slpm. One device = 10 gasses
  • Specialists: Great global support from market specialists. Fast response time.

For more information on this new upgrade program from Vogtlin, click HERE for the full article, or contact your local Vogtlin rep.