Lake – Variable Area Configurator Page


Product Configurator with 3D Modeling

Configure and Model the Precise Variable Area Flow Meter

The new online part configurator tool was recently added to product pages of the AW-Lake website to help customers configure Variable Area Flow Meters and build part numbers. The robust configurator tool built by CADENAS PARTsolutions guides users through a series of selection options including port/line size range, maximum pressure rating, fluid media, flow directions, porting/thread types and flow ranges. A dynamic 3D model is generated from the selections made that can be manipulated within the viewing window, along with the specific part number for streamlined ordering. Engineers can also download the 3D model in a wide variety of file formats to include in their own projects. This tool is perfect for customers who are seriously examining the Lake Variable Area product line for their next process control project. Try out the tool below!