High Quality Calibration for All Meters From Experienced Flow Measurement Technicians

AW-Lake Company is equipped with nearly a dozen flow meter calibration stands that run water, oil and air to calibrate our Coriolis, Positive Displacement, Turbine, Variable Area, Thermal Mass, Paddle Wheel and Pneumatic flow meters. Every meter we ship has been calibrated by highly knowledgeable flow measurement technicians. Calibration certificates are available on all of our flow meters.

Liquid Calibration Flow Range:

5cc’s to 200 GPM*

Gas/Air Calibration Flow Range:

.0000004 to 250 SCFM

*pressure drop dependent


Re-Calibration & Repair

When it’s time for re-calibration, who better understands flow meters than the manufacturer? Send them back to AW-Lake for a quality multi-point re-calibration. We understand that turnaround time is crucial to you, and we will expedite your re-calibration to meet your requirements. Flow meter needs repair also? You are in good hands!

Use the RMA Request Form to arrange your equipment return. →  RMA Request Form