The TRP High Temperature Turbine Flow Meter was designed specifically to integrate into high temperature heat transfer loops often associated with maintaining ideal temperatures in the metal die casting industry. Maintaining consistent mold temperatures ensures controlled curing and optimum mold release of cast parts with reduced cycle times. With accuracies of 2.5% and repeatability of 0.5% the TRP High Temperature Turbine Flow Meter delivers the accuracy required in even the toughest applications with contaminated or extremely hot oil heat transfer media.

Technical Specifications
Measuring Accuracy:

± 2.5% of actual flow


± 0.5%

Flow Measuring Ranges:

 .75 to 7.5 GPM
 2.5 to 25 GPM
4.0 to 40 GPM
7.5 to 75 GPM

meter sizes:

1/2″ through 1″

piping connections:


Fluid Temperature range:

Fluid temperature of -76° to 662˚F  |  -60° to 350˚C

Maximum Operating Pressure:

Working pressure up to 290 psi  |  20 bar

Materials of Construction:

Body:  303 Stainless Steel
Wheels:  Stainless Steel (DIN 1.4122)
Bearings:  Brass
Seals:  Graphite


0.5 mV to 500 mV (Passive coil – amplitude is flow dependent)

Frequency Range:

7 to 820 Hz depending on flow meter


MIL 3-pole

Housing Material:

Stainless steel