Technical Specifications
Power Requirement

14 to 16 VAC/250mA, or 18-24 VDC/200mA (customer supplied), or 120/240 VAC (optional).

*All units are shipped with 120VAC/1000mA wall transformer.

Analog Output 4-20mA

External-powered loop output into a maximum 500 ohm load impedance with 24 VDC supply. 2nd loop output optional.

Frequency Inputs

0-4 KHz, sine, square or saw-tooth; 4 volts minimum amplitude; 3.3 Kohm maximum impedance.

Integrated Linearization

Maximum 30-point linearization table for improved accuracy over range.

Flow Sensor Power Supplies

(2) @ 15 VDC / up to 50 mA each