Oil and Gas

Flow Meters for Oil and Gas Measurement

From corrosive subsea environments, offshore production platforms, onshore oil fields, or refineries we have the flow expertise to tackle these tough jobs. Difficult oil and gas flow metering challenges like high pressures, pulsating flows, corrosive media and harsh environments are our daily business. We have worked with many upstream and downstream customers to develop custom flow solutions to their toughest challenges, handling their harshest chemicals, in their most remote, Hazardous areas. We work with you to increase process efficiency, reduce costly production down-time, establish real-time monitoring and control, and provide the critical tracking and record keeping necessary to meet EPA regulations.

Practical Experience:
  • Chemical Injection
  • Water Separation
  • Subsea Operations
  • Oil Field Management
  • Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)
  • Hydraulic System Monitoring
  • Valve Actuation / Blowout Prevention
  • Fuel Measurement
  • Custody Transfer

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