Flow Electronics

Flow Electronics – Sensors, Transmitters, and Controllers

AW-Lake Company designs and manufactures a wide selection of flow sensors, transmitters and controllers for your fluid measurement applications. Whether you need a local, meter-mounted transmitter with CSA or ATEX Class 1, Div I certification or your signal sent to a control room’s PLC, we have the solution for you. Customers can choose from local and remote, standard and EX-rated flow monitors, closed loop controllers, batch controllers and a wide variety of flow sensors & pickups, including Hall Effect, Carrier, analog output, fiber optic and many more. If we don’t have what you need, our team of electrical engineers will customize an electronics solution that meets your particular application requirements.

For detailed information regarding flow meter/sensor compatibility, refer to our Flow Sensor Booklet.

Flow Electronics Categories

  • Flow Transmitters & Displays (list RT-30, RT-30EX, RT-10, FlowPod)
  • Flow Controllers (MX 9000, FlowLogic 5000)
  • Wireless Flow Sensing System (Gateway, SFS-500)
  • Flow Sensors & Pickups (hall-effect, carrier frequency, fiber optic, others)