AW-Lake Introduces New Turbine Flow Meter for Highly Accurate Hydraulic System Monitoring

Oak Creek, Wisconsin – June 13, 2024 ‒ AW-Lake, flow instrumentation manufacturer, has added the HM-U Hydraulic System Flow Meter to its family of products designed for the hydraulic industry. This cost-effective and versatile turbine-style flow meter measures hydraulic fluids for precise regulation and control of flow rates in hydraulic systems.  It is optimized for hydraulic performance applications and ideal for components such as pumps, valves, and fittings.

The HM-U Hydraulic System Flow Meter performs in temperatures ranges from -40°F (140°C) to 248°F (120°C) and offers accuracy of ±0.5% M.V. over full range with 30cP fluid.  Two integrated quarter inch BSPP connections allow users to install their own temperature and/or pressure transmitters for optional measurement. Compact and lightweight, the flow meter features a durable aluminum housing with stainless steel internals.

The HM-U Hydraulic System Flow Meter is compatible with the AW-Lake EDGE Flow Sensor  that offers Bluetooth capabilities providing users easy access, understanding, and control of their flow measurement.  Easily mounted on the turbine flow meter, the EDGE Flow Sensor outputs a frequency, current, or analog signal that gives users more installation flexibility, especially when unsure of readout equipment or a control room interface.

Bluetooth connectivity enables the use of smart devices for setting K-factor, alarms, totalization, and more. Operators can remotely configure, set parameters, fine-tune adjustments and troubleshoot the sensor remotely using a mobile device.

For more information, contact Marcia Reiff, Director of Marketing Communications, at 414-574-4300, e-mail, or visit AW-Lake’s Web site at

About AW-Lake   

AW-Lake, a TASi Measurement company, was founded in 1984 as a manufacturer of flow meters and flow monitoring equipment, servicing industrial paint and hydraulics applications. After a strong start in the Automotive sector, AW-Lake diversified into many other industrial markets, including Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Power Generation, General Manufacturing, and Industrial Processing. With a strong focus on providing flow solutions to the industrial sector to reduce carbon footprint and preserve natural environments, AW-Lake produces one of the most comprehensive portfolios of flow measurement technologies in the US.

About TASi Measurement

TASi Measurement is a global industrial measurement and monitoring business headquartered in North America. TASi businesses provide temperature, level, flow, and pressure instruments necessary to measure and control industrial processes and monitor our environment. They also facilitate data gathering and reporting from our instruments and others with our remote telemetry products that include RF and Cellular options as well as Remote SCADA solutions purpose built for specific applications. They operate in a decentralized manner and have fifteen business units with production facilities in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and England. Additional sales offices can be found in China, Netherlands, and Malaysia.

Markets served include HVAC, Energy, Semiconductor, Life Sciences, Automotive, Agriculture, Water & Wastewater, Chemical Processing, and Industrial.

Their organic growth is driven by reinvestment in product and market development activities as well as capital investment in processes, facilities, tooling, and information systems.